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NFC International Jaechun Medical Services Ʈ   
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On March 4th of 2017, NFC International and Now Hospital visited Jaechun, Korea

for Volunteer Medical Services. This time, seventeen volunteers, including

Dr. Hyung Wook Kang, Dr. Sung Hak Lee, and Dr. Soo Hun Hong, participated

and gave lot of effort to provide comfortable medical treatment for people of Jaechun.





​To provide an accurate diagnosis for this grandfather and every patient, we start with thorough registration.





​Dr. Soo Hun Hong listens carefully to an elderly lady to find out exactly where she is hurting.




We hope that everyone that received treatment from us that day feels at least a little better.

We sincerely pray that they stay healthy for a long time.


​NFC International will try our best in the future to continue to provide more volunteer medical

services in many different areas.


​We are always thankful for your generosity and love.



​-NFC International-